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Our workouts are carefully planned and organized in order to maximize results. We utilize movements from gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting, kettlebell training and a variety of other disciplines.  Very few people come in ‘off the streets’ ready to jump straight into the regular classes. This has very little to do with how ‘in shape’ you are, and much to do with technical proficiency. In order to ensure the safety and efficacy of the classes, all new members are required to enroll in either the Foundations Class or Jump Start Sessions prior to joining the Group Workouts. In the case of CrossFit ‘Transfers’ or experienced exercisers, you may be able to test out of the Foundations Class directly. See details below. 

Personal Training

Many clients prefer the individual attention and customized programming provided by private training. These sessions can be 1-on-1, or invite a friend or two for a better value.  Private sessions allow for greater specificity of training, and enable the individual to develop skills and fitness level at their own pace.  Please contact us for more information.

Jump Start Program

The Jump Start Program offers an accelerated entry into the group workouts.  It is designed for those individuals who have a solid background in fitness, but need to brush up on technique and learn some of the less common exercises we use.  This program consists of five or more 1-on-1 sessions, followed by your first month of Unlimited group training.  Click here or contact us for further details.

Foundations Class

The Foundations Class is a group introductory class designed to prepare you for the normal group workouts.   Each class runs for two weeks, with classes starting regularly. Please check the Course calendar to see when the next section begins.  The Foundations class will introduce the basic movements and exercises which we use in our workouts, and also offer you the opportunity to learn and develop a base-level of fitness before joining the regular groups. Learn more here.  

Schedule a visit. Give us a call at (480) 329-8484, or via our contact page.