Foundations Course Schedule Updates

We are making a few schedule changes with the Foundations Course.  Beginning Monday, August 11 you will be asked to register for a two week course at a specific time slot.  We will cover the same material, it will just enable us to schedule our coaches more efficiently, and ensure that everyone recieves the same high-quality service.  

We’ll also be adding some new times:  a 3 pm course beginning 8/18, and an 11 am course beginning 8/25.  

Click here to view the schedule.  For more information or to register, please go to our store.  

Some links and news

Busy times here at CFSW!   Many thanks to everyone who came by Saturday to help with the painting and building—it looks great!  We’ve got a couple more projects to get done over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out!

A couple of announcements:

-You may notice a few new (and familiar) faces running classes in the next few weeks.  Many of you already know Cherity, but if you haven’t had the pleasure yet, she’ll be around in the evenings a few times per week.  Later on this week, you’ll have the chance to meet Taylor.  I’ll have both of them introduce themselves a bit more soon. 

-There will be a few tweaks to the schedule in the upcoming month.  We will be moving around the Foundations classes a bit, and possibly adding another time slot or two.  Keep an eye on the schedule.  

-There have been rumblings by some people about competing in an Olympic Weightlifting meet, and coordinating a time for everyone to train together at least semi-regularly.  If anyone else is interested, please contact Ken so we can keep you in the loop.

Some links from our Facebook page:

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Important changes [and 4th of July Brunch!]

We are pleased to announce some exciting changes!

—As of July 1st, we will no longer be offering a three times per week membership.  All existing three day memberships will be converted to Unlimited memberships.  

—As of July 1st, Unlimited membership fees will be reduced to the current three day rate!*

*Please see our Rates page for further details.  

Now for the important stuff!

Friday July 4th Schedule:

Open Gym 9 am - 11 am only.  A workout will be provided, or you may do your own.  

Potluck/Brunch 1030 am - ??  Paleo dishes would be great, but certainly not required.  

Please feel free to bring friends/family for both the workout and the potluck.  Contact Ken for details or to RSVP. 

(sort of) Weekly Roundup

Apoligies for the delay, it’s been a busy week or two around here!  Here are the latest bits and briefs from our Facebook Page:

Congratulations Sara!  Toughest Competitor Alive Gold Medalist!  Sara and her brother won the TCA event at the US Police and Fire Games over the weekend.  PRs were set, fannies were kicked, and names were taken.

Informative Article on Steroids from Bret Contreras   

Hand Care by Donny Shankle

Broccoli helps your body get rid of toxins from pollution (here and here)

Link between sitting and certain cancers

Delicious-looking pancakes…  (and they’re paleo!)

Pros and cons of low-carb eating

Plenty more where those came from, feel free to check us out!