Summer News and Specials

The calendar may not agree, but here in AZ it’s getting to be summer time.  The heat is rising, students are finishing up, and we’re all preparing for the craziness to come.  

To that end, some summertime items for your perusal:

- Summer Special  We are offering a limited number of Unlimited memberships for $99/month!  These are month-to-month memberships, and available for new members only.  We will be offering these for the months of May, June, and July—purchase one month at a time, or commit to all three!  No student/military discount available on these, and we will only be offering 20 per month.  You will not be able to purchase these memberships online, so please contact us so we can set things up.

- Rate Changes  We’re not leaving our existing members out of the deals!  As of 6/1/14, we will be changing our rate structure to offer you greater flexible and value.  More details to come, but you’re going to like it!  

 - Schedule Changes  Beginning Monday, 5/5/14, we will be removing both the 1030 am CrossFit and 1 pm Foundations from the schedule.  There are some possible additions in the works as well—keep an eye out in the weeks to come. 

-Blog Changes  I know, I know—the website doesn’t get updated often enough.  Most of the (daily) action is really on our Facebook page.  (Be sure to check it out, and Like us to keep updated with news and links.)   We’re going to start ramping up the action on the blog also, and making sure that even our non-Facebook using clients are kept in the loop.  

On that note, if you have any photos, announcements, content, or just cool stuff that you’d like us to share with the community, please send it along and we’ll make sure it gets postsed.  

We’re very excited about the future here at CFSW, and we would all like to say a big ‘Thank You’ to you all for sharing it with us.  


Some of you that have been around for a while may remember hearing about Lauriel Luther, a local CrossFit athlete who was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2011.  The first ‘Lift it/Love it’ event and the 2011 Affiliate Competition in Flagstaff were both fundraisers for her.

I met Lauriel several years ago now, when she and two friends came into our original place for some coaching, and ran into her occasionally at local CF gyms and events.  Others were closer, and have done a much better job in telling her story, but I will say that she was a good person, who faced her diagnosis with grace and determination.  

After a long journey, Lauriel passed away at home in Washington a few minutes ago.  She was surrounded by her loved ones.   

Write up from Kitsap CrossFit

Video from the AC2 event:

Potluck details for 3/29/14

We will have a normal Saturday schedule of classes, and then give everyone time to get cleaned up (if necessary).  We’ll get going around 1 pm with the potluck.  Please feel free to bring anything you’d like, but we will be having a pork-themed competition.  

Feel free to invite your friends!  We look forward to seeing you.

Saturday 3/29 ‘Battle: Pork’

Come celebrate!  

What are we celebrating?   Take your pick:  It’s the end of the CrossFit Games Open workouts.  Spring is here.  It’s a Saturday.  It’s PORK, people!  We don’t need an excuse!

The Details:

CFSW Potluck, Saturday march 29th, 1 pm until we leave.  

Please feel free to bring whatever you would like to contribute, but we’re also going to have a competitive theme:  pork.  It’s an appetizer!  It’s an entree!  It’s a salad!  It’s a dessert!!!  Is there anything pork can’t do???

Bring your best dish, and see if anyone can bump off the Morley clan for culinary bragging rights around the gym.  

Contact Ken with any questions.

More details

A clarification:

There will be a potluck AND a chili competition.  Please feel free to bring any non-chili related food and drink that you desire.  And we can always use plates or bowls and utensils.  We have about 5 gazillion plastic knives from previous social events, and a good stack of styrofoam cups here.  

And there’s still time to register to compete!  Let me know before the end of the day today (Friday), and we’ll get you on the list.