Thanksgiving week schedule reminder

Classes will run normally Monday - Wednesday this week.  Thursday we will be closed, Friday we will run an Open Gym from 10 am - 12 pm.  Saturday we will resume our normal schedule.  

LAST MINUTE UPDATE:   If anyone is interested in an early start, I’ll be in the gym around 9 am today (Friday).  Feel free to come on by.

Veteran’s Day Schedule

We will be open from 10 a - 12 p on Monday, 11/11/13 for Open Gym.  Workout will be provided, or do your own.

*We are scheduled to do a CrossFit Total Monday or Tuesday this week (I didn’t take Veteran’s Day into account when programming), and we’ve done Murph on Veteran’s Day for 8 years now. So: Your first 2 workouts of the week will be the Total and Murph. Personally, I would do the Total first…