Paleo FAQ

Paleo FAQ

Q: What is Paleo?
A: Meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.

Q: What about potatoes and corn.
A: Not vegetables, sorry. Too high on the glycemic index, too high a glycemic load.

Q: What does glycemic index/ load mean?
A: This measures how quickly the sugar in foods gets  into the bloodstream (glycemic index) and how much sugar is contained in a food (glycemic load).  Higher value = less healthy.

Q: There’s no bread on here?
A: No grains here at all. Pretty high on the glycemic index, high glycemic load and the gluten issues (more on gluten later).

Q: What about whole grains? Aren’t they good for you?
A: No. The only difference between “whole grain” and refined white flour is the ratio of fiber to the other stuff.

Q: No beans either? They’re good for you, I’m sure, especially peanuts.
A: Nope. Read this.

Q: I can’t live without booze. How much can I have?
A: Technically, none. Spirits, beer, etc are made from grains and this is one of the things we want to avoid. Wine is not grain-based, obviously, but has a high carbohydrate load.  Even tequila, that NorCal Margarita stand-by, isn’t technically Paleo.   Drink it sparingly.

Q: My parents/wife/significant other/husband/roommates are Italian/Jewish/Armenian/not Cave people /Japanese/Brazilian/. I can’t avoid grains!

A: Of course you can.  Make substitutions (e.g., spaghetti squash for pasta), better choices (load up on salad and veggies, not the bread), and politely enjoy better health.

Q: What about portions? Isn’t portion control a big deal?
A:  For now, a palm sized serving of protein, as much vegetable matter as you want and a chunk of good fats. Don’t go around hungry. If you are then eat something. Refer to The Food Matrix.

Q: I need more guidance. Give me amounts.
A: As an example, an ‘average’ adult male might make a meal of 3-5 ounces of protein (read: meat, fish, eggs), 6-10 ounces of veggies, 2-4 ounces (roughly a handful) of nuts or half an avocado or 1/4 cup of olive, coconut or walnut oil. Don’t get hung up in the numbers.

Q: Hold on one damn minute! No dairy, either?
A: Everybody is allergic to cow dairy to some extent. It’s an immune system stressor. Avoid it as best you can. Again, it’s only 4 weeks, you can go back to it if you want. Think of this as a chance to break out of your old life…

Q: That’s a lot of cooking/I don’t cook/I can’t cook because I don’t have a kitchen/I don’t have time for this.
A: Odds are fair, you’re currently eating something every day. Adapt what you do to this plan. Thinking and preparing ahead is the key here. Veggies are easy. Fresh can be eaten raw most of the time, frozen steam or brown up in no time, canned don’t even have to be an option. Prepare your proteins in batches and refrigerate until need. Reheat or eat cold.

Q: What about eating out?
A: Same basics apply. Sub the potato for the steamed vegetables.  Hash browns, out, fruit plate, in. Don’t eat the bread. Evaluate your priorities and make smart choices.

Q: I travel for work/school/pleasure. What do I do?
A: Prep ahead. Zip-Locs and disposable plastic tubs are your friend. Microwave or eat cold. Whatever works.


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