Some O-lifting inspiration.

We’ve been focusing on Olympic Weightlifting during this block of programming, so I thought it would be good to repost this graphic, as well as a couple of inspirational videos.  We’ve got about 4 more weeks of this block, where the emphasis is on learning the lifts, and then we’re going to be incorporating the lifts during the next round of programming as well.  So, look, learn, love.

Here’s a slow motion video of a World Record holder (Liao Hui).  It’s long, but worthwhile.  Notice on the first pull how his knees move backward, while his back maintains the same angle relative to the floor.  We’ve talked about it, but this is what it should really look like.  Also, notice how high the bar doesn’t get.

Here’s some full-speed video of Hui, winning the Chinese National Weightlifting Games (‘09), with a 163 kg Snatch and 195 kg Clean & Jerk.  (358 lbs and 429 lbs, respectively)    Oh, did you catch that he’s in the 69 kg/151.8 lb weightclass?