Fight Gone Better Are You OK?

We did kind of a twist on the “Annie are you ok?” team workout and Fight Gone Better.   5 stations:  wall ball, power clean (75#/55#), box jumps, push press, row (for calories), in a 21/15/9 setup.  

Each team member starts at a different station, and completes 21 reps (or calories).  Teams rotate when everyone is finished at their respective stations. Once you finish your station, you get to rest until it is time to rotate.  Once everyone has completed all 5 stations at 21 reps, you would do the same thing for 15 and 9 reps, respectively.  Score was total time to complete.  

And I came across the video of the first “Annie are you ok?”.   It was done at a 2006 CrossFit certification in the original Santa Cruz HQ gym.  You’ll notice current CF Games stud and workout namesake Annie Sakamoto prominently featured.  And if you look closely at around the 0:57 mark, you’ll notice a handsome youngster, with nary a grey hair to be seen starting the burpees…