Member’s Only 3 details

Here are the details for Saturday (March 8):

830 class as normal
930 Foundations class as normal
NO 1030 class.

Member’s Only 3

There will be two (2) workouts as part of this competition.  One will be the CF Open Workout 14.2 (or a suitably scaled alternative), the second will be announced on Saturday. 

The first workout will begin at 11 am, we should be completely wrapped up by 1 pm. 

To assist with planning, we are requring pre-registration by Friday 3/7 at 12 noon.  Please contact Ken, or sign up at the gym.  

The workout portion of the competition is open to all CFSW members (scaled version available), so please sign up.  It will be fun!  CFSW Alumni and guests may be granted permission to participate, depending on numbers.  Please contact Ken for more information. 

We will also need help with organization and judging, so come down even if you don’t plan to compete!

Following the workouts, we will have a potluck and Chili cookoff!

If you prefer to challenge yourself more in the kitchen than in the gym, here’s your opportunity to satisfy your craving for competition!  Create your best chili dish and see how it stacks up.  

Maybe someone will be able to pull off the double victory Saturday??  

Prefer to make a chilly dish, instead of a chili dish?  Please feel free to bring anything you would like for the Potluck—it’s hard to survive on chili alone.  

So, to be clear:  Everyone is welcome to come and watch, cheer, eat and drink.  Bring food.  Or drink.  Or whatever.  But (this time, at least) the competition will be between the chili chefs.  

Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  Contact us at (480) 329-8484 or